#814- Double barreled Jaeger fullstock flintlock

You are getting in on the conception of a double barreled Jaeger fullstock flintlock rifle with side by side octagon barrels in 58 caliber.

Lynn Weimer made the barrels,He once worked for me at GRRW. The walnut is gorgeous but there was a knot in the left forestock. You can see where it has been repaired with a like piece of wood. Hopefully , it will disappear in the grain once finished.

There will be a hooked, standing breech, double Queene Anne flintlocks extensively re-worked, double triggers and a wooden patchbox, along with engraving and carving. The real issue here, though, is regulating the barrels while inletting them into a full- stock. Don’t know about the furniture yet, we will just have to wait and see what turns up.

As is, best offer