#750- Manton Cavalry Carbine

Presenting the evolution of a late Manton Cavalry Carbine, the last one produced by the British before moving to the percussion system. All parts are cast from originals.  The lock is a double throat similar to the original, a fine sparker with a short throw. The sidelock plate and lock screws are all original. Barrel is 62 caliber, rifled, by Colerain, 20 inches long, with a hook breech and steel swivel ramrod, along with a saddle bar and lanyard. Sights are simple open.

The walnut is a bit better than ordinary military. The stock style is a modified Long Land Pattern, just a whole lot shorter.  Should be great in a treestand for whitetail. The originals were smoothbore, but this one is rifled.  Pull will end up at 14 inches, trigger is single of course, weight should be around 6.5-7 lbs.  I want $650 for the kit, OBO