#748 Fergusson breeched Eastern frontier rifle

We are illustrating the conception of a Christian Springs   style 62 caliber flintlock rifle with a Wolfe’s Head side opening patchbox,  built by a  frontier smith with a Fergusson  turn-breech  picked up from the King’s Mountain battlefeild. 

Fergusson’s infantry were using the common Brown Bess musket at that battle, so this  particular turn-breech  likely  came from Fergusson’s personal breech loading rifle, which was lost after the battle  and his death.

I know you can’t see the figure well but it is AAAA tiger striping.  The  rifle  will be brass   mounted, stained with aqua fortis (which means dark) with DST, traditional sights,  patch box  and a bit of carving.  Watch for more photos as this bad boy grows up.

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