#732- The bare beginnings of a Dimmick, St. Louis

Half-stock 58 caliber plains rifle, brass mounted with JBR buttplate, English drip bar lock butted up against a Manton style short tang English percussion breech, open  rear  sight, two brass surround keys, stylish pewter forend cap, traditional short bar DST in a brass Dimmick hooked trigger guard: all in all a  strong, elegantly  functional rifle equal to any Hawken.

The Manton style breeching is famous for its strength,  the percussion lock is the best there is with an English style drip bar.

The DST will fire set or un-set. The walnut is AAA with elegant figure. I have saved it for years for this rifle. The barrel is tapered octagon, twist is 1-72, made by the master Kelley.

As is, best offer