#614- White M97 Whitetail

White M97 Whitetail in 504 Caliber, the original prototype of the Odessy series of Christiansen carbon-fiber barreled rifles that were produced. Very lightweight, about 5.5 lbs. This one has been well used, has a few pits in the barrel but has been re-accurized and shoots pretty well, well enough that any deer or elk at 200 yards should be meat. You can shoot it once you get tit and if it doesn’t perform I will take it back. It does best with saboted bullets. I can get 4 inch groups at 100 yards with 100 gr 777 and a 435 grain saboted  PowerStar bullet.

The rifle is furnished with Warne QD scope mounts and rings and ramrod. It is guaranteed to please after you shoot it, or money back.

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do