#566- Virginia-North Carolina smoothbore “Black Rifle’

A brand new never fired Virginia-North Carolina infuenced 58 caliber smoothbore “Black Rifle’ with dark-stained smooth-grained cherry stock and all iron mounts, including iron patchbox cover, finished dark in the old style for hard use in the deep woods. Barrel is a 44” swamped Colerain in 58 smoothbore for patched round ball. It sports low rifle sights, lock is a Chambers English Trade lock, the touch-hole is a stainless insert and is properly SunSetted for fastest ignition.. Like all Chamber’s locks, this one is a fine sparker. If your persona is a southern deep woods hunter, this is the gun for you.

This ‘smooth rifle’ should be a real killer in the woods with either ball or shot. Showing a lot of mixed early German and a few English features, note the very German features in the carving to the rear of the cheek-piece, It could have been used by the Militia at Cowpens. Tarleton’s English are still running.

Several pictures of this gun can be found in several longrifle picture books. It’s quite a famous piece. The best are on p.83 of ‘Rifles of Virginia’, by Whisker

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do