Here is an early Dutch influenced Hudson Bay Fowler, 12 bore with a 46 inch smooth bore barrel by Colerain, a hot- sparking round faced Dutch flintlock, Dutch brass furniture, signed by Garrett Van Sandt on the top flat, a Dutch ancestor of mine.

The wood as about as good as maple ever gets, tiger striped from one end to the other, the barrel is browned and the lock antique hot rust blued, almost black. The contrast between the brass, the dark finished maple, the brown and blue is strikingly handsome.

The brass is polished the old way, by hand, no wheels involved, with a dull antique sheen that modern polishing wheels can’t duplicate.

12 gauge 46″ octagon tapered to round barrel by Colerain,  with typical Dutch furniture and carved decoration including a Dutch Trade lock. You can find the original in “EARLY AMERICAN FOWLERS”

This fine fowler has gone to Track of the Wolf. If you want to buy it, please deal directly with them. Their website is ‘trackofthewolf.com’. Phone is 763-633-2500. Tell them Doc sent you. Goto ‘home’ then click on ‘guns’ then specify what kind, then scroll down the page to find this fine piece. Track’s photos are marvelous, You will get to see some fine stuff, not just this one, but from super high quality crafters from all over the nation. Their reputation for square dealing is immpecable