#671- Early English doglock fowler by Cookson

Early English doglock fowler by Cookson in 12 gauge, ca. 1700 or so. Tapered octagon-round barrel by Colerain, Dutch influenced brass furniture and stock design, nice close grained walnut with a little striping and great grain structure, many early features. This is a great turkey gun, it was designed to be a hunting gun, so has a Colonial brand inter-changable thin-wall choke installed, so you can shoot either tight shot patterns or solid ball by changing the choke tube. I like a .690 extra-full for turkey and use a .725 open choke tube for solid ball. Thought I had it sold but the buyer didn’t come through so it’s back on the market.

You’re going to get this one used by the way. It went turkey hunting with me in April and has already tasted blood. It holds like a trap gun, indeed modeled the drop of the stock off my favorite Winchester 101 Trap. Put the tip of the front sight just under the Tom’s chin. 75% first shot patterns with my recommended load of 100 gr. ffg black powder and #7 shot. If you use a .660 choke, which I can supply you with, you can get 85-90% pattterns.

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do