#689- Reporduction wide-butted Lehigh Valley rifle

Doc built repro of early wide-butted Lehigh Valley rifle in the style of Peter Neihardt. The barrel is a swamped ‘B’ weight Colerain in 50 caliber, 44″ long. The maple is tigered from one end to the other. The flintlock is a Chambers. single trigger, domed side opening patchbox, sports extensive carving, traditional in this style rifle.

The buttplate is 2 inches wide not including the built in lip for the patch box. The trigger guard is early classic Lehigh, wide and just fitting a single curled trigger. The sideplate has that classic arrow at its rear end, almost a signature of a Lehigh rifle. There is a considerable amount of carving and engraving. The early Lehigh guns tended to be plainer than the later ones. This an exception to the rule.

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do