#579- Very fancy Jaeger

Very fancy Jaeger rifle by DOC, the brass furniture is from an elegant one by Paul Poser, 31 inch swamped 58 caliber barrel by Colerain, Elegant chisled flintlock, handmade by DOC, elegant AAAA European walnut, DST, chisled brass furniture including brass insert in the patchbox lid, elegant carving and engraving. This is a beauty!!

The rifle is incise carved from one end to the other, in the Baroque-Georgian-Rococco style popular in the 1750’s in Europe. The flintlock is an elegant thing, deeply chisled with game scenes, actuated by a double set trigger.

The ramrod pipes are beautifully designed and executed. I just love that gargoyle on the rear pipe. The side-lock casting shows French influence. The French were the leaders in arms design at this time. Their work was greatly admired and widely copied. The brass castings are exquisitely done, the best quality that I’ve ever dealt with. Their design is elegant, more than matching the carving and engraving. If you look close, you’ll see the French influence here , too. 

The barrel is heavily engraved up past the rear sight and around the front sight, in the same elegant Baroque-Georgian- Roccoco mix as the castings. 

The stock is oil finished. European walnut is known for the elegant black streaking and consistent grain formation. It is very strong yet elegant. The barrel is heavily engraved at the breech up past the rear sight and at the muzzle with roccoco scrolling and my signature- quite elegant. The barrel is browned. The lock is antique rust blued. Rubbing successive coats of oil into the lovely stock has produced a lovely sheen.

Jaeger’s have a reputation of being thick, heavy and clumsy, but this rifle is the antithesis of that statement. It is probably the most functionally elegant flintlock rifle that I’ve ever built. Not only is it beautiful, but it handles like a dream: quick to the shoulder, the eye right on the sights, the flintlock drips sparks and the touch-hole is properly sunsetted for fastest ignition.

This is an archived item that is no longer for sale. It's just here to give you an idea what Doc can do