Austin and Halleck barrels

I have come into a supply of 20 year old stored but new Austin and Halleck barrels, complete with hooked breech, drum and nipple, sights, underlug for key, rib and pipes and browned.

All brand-new , old stored  stock, perfect for half stock rifles, accurate. All are 50 caliber, deep, slow  rifling for patched round ball. They are available right now.

Later I plan a Leman half-stock Kit,  proper Leman iron buttplate and brass trigger guard, single trigger, Leman Percussion lock with classic plain maple carved halfstock with 3/8th ramrod hole,  98% semi- inletted for barrel, butt plate, trigger guard, trigger and lock. You do all the inletting and finish work. Instructions included.

Cost of  barrel a bargain at $180 plus $20 S&H. Most such barrels are $200 with no fittings at all. Kit cost not available yet.  Still working on the master for the stock. DOC

$180 plus $20 S&H