White .450 caliber, 360 grain lubricated bullets

White .450 caliber 360 grain bullets for .451 caliber rifles,  sized and lubricated with Power-Lube to .450 caliber, weigh 360 grains, cast of pure new lead with 2% tin, the old White enhanced lead formula.  Use as is in your .451 White rifle, they will slip down the bore with a single finger on the ramrod then belly up with the shot, catching the rifling. They are very accurate with even modest loads yet retain lots of velocity and energy down-range for great game downing power.

 Use them with a 50 caliber sabot IN 50 caliber rifles: You can also use them with SABOTS in a 50 caliber rifle by fitting them into a .50 caliber sabot made for .450-.452 caliber bullets. I like the Harvester crush rib sabot best. My old lubricated Power-Star sabot was better but is no longer available. This 360 gr. bullet’s BC is far better than any short .45 caliber pistol bullet, with better accuracy, down-range power and energy than any shorter bullet. It’s a killer at 200 yards, knocks big deer flat. $7.50 per 10 in a plastic Super-Keeper, $$40 per 50, $70 per 100, cost  less than other muzzleloading bullets.

$7.50/10, $40/50, $70/100.