Doc's Ramblings


It must be obvious by now that Doc has changed his emphasis from the White Systems- WhiteRifles line of his in-line muzzleloaders to custom traditional percussion and flintlock guns, which is where he started 60 years ago. The White companies have been financial failures for the most part, with great inventions, terrific developement, and innovative products with superb functional elegance, ergonomics and quality. But the management could never rise to the quality of the product. In the end, teaching a new doctrine was just too expensive. The current company, WhiteRifles, is a small remnant of what went before. Parts and bullets are still available, but there hasn’t been a new design, let alone a new rifle, produced since 2005.

If you want to see what Doc does best, at present, look under ‘ custom traditional ‘ found top of page. If you want top see what Doc used to do, look up the old White Systems , also listed top of page: G-Series rifles: the Whitetail, M97. The GS-series-the Lightning, The BG shotgun-the Tominator, The S-series: the Super-91, Super-91-ll, M98 and Thunderbolt.